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Buying from International Tiles

At International Tiles, service and customer experience is extremely important to us, and for that purpose, we believe we can offer our customers a better buying experience by avoiding ‘click to buy’ as an option.

For us, the importance of talking to our customer about the project they are working towards and addressing their needs before any problems arise, cannot be overstated.

In our stores we see people everyday, who have bought online only to be disappointed with the outcome due to a lack of communication from the supplier and an understandable and justifiable lack of experience from the customer.

How do I buy from International Tiles?

We understand by not having a click to buy option, the customers first question is 'so how do I buy tiles from you?' 

Once you have had a look at the tile galleries on the website, select the products you would be interested in buying, by adding them to the 'Wish List'. There is a button "Add to Wish List" next to each product.

Add to Wish List

The Wish List, is a virtual shopping basket that stores the tiles you have an interest in.

When you are happy with your selections, click the 'View Wish List' button and complete the enquiry form. Fill in your details and postcode and tell us in the bottom box about your project. Be as detailed as you want to be, the more information the better for us! When you are happy click ‘Send’ and an e-mail will be sent to our online desk. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to let you know your enquiry has been sent.

View Your Wishlist

When we pick up your enquiry, one of our staff will reply personally to your request , whether it is for samples, advice, stock queries, or for a quotation. We aim to deal with your query within a few minutes during our working hours, outside hours are monitored and simple questions can be addressed but for more involved enquiries it will be best during our office hours.

Once we have all of the information we need from you, and your are happy with the details of your quotation, we will process your order, take payment and arrange to despatch the goods at a delivery time convenient to you.

All of that could be done at the click of a mouse with no personal contact, but we believe that is how mistakes are made and mistakes lead to unhappy customers. And unhappy customers are not our aim.

So when you are ready to find out more about the product you would like to buy, add it to your Wish List and tell us. We’ll there right beside you every click.