• What's the Wishlist?

What's the Wishlist?

The wishlist lets you add your favourite tiles and products to a "shopping basket". You can then review your selections on the wishlist page.

Once happy with your selections, please fill in the form below your choices and we will be able to provide you with more information about your selections, including estimated costs, alternatives and details of any offers that might apply.

How do I use the  Wishlist?

Simply browse to the tile you like the look of, and click the orange button - Add to Wishlist. this adds the item to your list. You can click the button again to remove an item.

You can then click "View Wishlist" - the white button, or using the link at the top and bottom of the page to view your wishlist in full. 

Enter your contact information, briefly outlining your requirements and hit Send! We will then be in touch to discuss your selections.

For further information please contact us.