Best Ceramic Floor & Wall Tiles Supplier 2021- South West England

In the South West, only one tiles provider can be the best. Claiming that title, and leaving the competition in the dust, for a second year running is International Tiles. This proactive provider of porcelain pieces has spent 42 years sourcing the best possible tiles for its customers. In this special issue, we celebrate their achievement by looking a little closer at how this long-lasting company has achieved such amazing success.


This award is all about the team. I am so proud of them all, from the warehouses and offices to the showrooms and the distribution team on the road. This recognises their years of great quality customer service and for sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge with every customer. Well done all you really deserve this and for the second year in a row.

Duncan Haddrell - CEO

Since humble beginnings on Winner Street in Paignton, what was ‘The Paignton Tile Company’ has grown into a widespread success. With branches across the South West, and stretching into Wales, the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands, it’s clear that there’s something very special about what this ceramic supplier has to offer.

For those who need tiles for their bathroom, International Tiles is the place to turn to. Extensive showrooms give just a glimpse into the possibilities while an extensive distribution network means that the work of this talented team is easy to access.

Much of the work that International Tiles does is in the mid to high end of the market. Working alongside residential clients, as well as larger organisations such as architects, developers or interior designers, customers at International Tiles can be sure of the best possible service.

Whether a project is large or small, the team are committed to supplying the same level of care and attention.

As an independent organisation, International Tiles has access to over fifty European factories and is therefore able to find the perfect match for whatever a client requires. The team always tries to offer the best possible support, focusing on the best possible product for the best possible price. This is achieved at every level, from the industry expertise in the showroom all the way through to delivery and logistics with the client.

The aim is to make the process of buying tiles one that is thoroughly pleasant, and effortlessly simple. Despite the sprawling size of the company, staff are encouraged to make the decisions that work best for their customers. It’s this personal approach, reliant on good judgement and quick thinking that keeps the business agile and adaptable. Every transaction is designed so that customers have a single point of contact. This person stays with a project throughout, ensuring continuity and transparency, while also developing a strong relationship that will make the completion of a project easier.

International Tiles has large ambitions ahead, with the future looking bright despite of the pandemic. The team are already looking to take advantage of the new opportunities that will present themselves. Over the next five years, the business aims to become the No. 1 brand in the whole of the South West, and the team are focused on guaranteeing exceptional quality within each and every one of their products as well as the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction. With its hardworking team all heading in the same direction, the chances of success seem to be almost an inevitability.

One of the aspects of the business that the staff hold close to their hearts is the connection that the company has with the local community. The team have been supporting local families and causes during the pandemic as well as sponsoring local sports clubs

In all, it’s clear that the work of International Tiles is truly exemplary, demonstrated by the vast array of satisfied customers who have been provided with exactly the service and products they need. Keeping a business going for over forty years is no mean feat, which is why the amazing success it has been able to achieve over that time deserves to be celebrated.