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It has been noticeable over the last few years how quickly ideas put forward for commercial projects are being taken up in residential work, particularly more noticeable since these specifications are being driven by clients.

Tiles are just some of the many products and textures that architects and designers work with as part of the fabric of the buildings they design. Hard surfaces are so instrumental in the way a building feels, how light is used and how spaces are defined. The strong trend for an Industrial look is clearly driven by architectural passion to re-use and up-cycle previously discarded items.

Whether the items be fixtures, fittings or furniture, these fabulous pieces of architectural history can be re-purposed into modern designs to great effect, but only with care and passion to create an authentic look that is sympathetic to the surroundings. This is where the hard surfaces come into play, creating a canvas to set these featured items against. Imagine how odd a black wrought iron staircase would look set against modern pastel colours or soft fabrics. Then replace the colour for industrial metallic tile surfaces, polished to reflect the light and the industrial shapes or matt to absorb the light and set the tone for an authentic industrial setting.

A critical part of reaching the authenticity required to pull off the look is the size of the tiles, and it seems the bigger the better!

Whilst it would seem that there is no limit to the sizes the manufacturers can make with current production methods, the products are growing to such an extent that we have to plan them into the building before it is constructed to accommodate their sheer size.

A single tile 1620 x 3240 is simply not going around a staircase and into the bathroom no matter how hard we twist and pivot, so they have to be planned to be in prior to fundamental build components like staircases and roofs.

But once these huge tiles are in place, the look and feel they give a property is simply special.

The prices of these products are big also, but if you compare the value to say a marble slab of the same finish, they are surprisingly affordable, and easier to install. Keep reading to see our unbelievably beautiful Top 5 super large slab tiles used in projects and private residences.

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Boutique Series by Del Conca Italia

Shown below in a stunning residential development, used as wall, floor and ceiling cladding. The cool Grigio colour of the marble in this extra large window seating area is designed to bring the outdoors into the living space and achieves the brief to stunning effect.

Boutique Grigio

Measuring a mere 1.2 x 2.6m each tile comes in at a whopping 3.12m2 each. The average bathroom would only use 6 of these tiles to fully tile the room! Available in a range of smaller sizes from 600 x 300mm up to a more manageable 1200 x 600mm the tiles come in a honed look as shown as well as a polished finish. We love the look and scale this tile gives to the big spaces.

Nexside Bron Polished - By BPlus

Onyx style can be quite devisive. There are as many people who love the drama and movement in this style, who wouldn't entertain the thought of something so bold and outlandish. It's daring , memorable and for certain a statement tile. As the saying goes: Go big or go home!!

Great Metastone by Porcelaingres

Stone effects come in various trends and here Porcelaingres have grouped a series of finishes into one collection. As with many of the styles presented here, there are a range of size and colour options. Great Metastone start at 1000 x 1000mm and just get bigger!

DYS Solutions by Porcelaingres

Some people have rightly questioned the use of these huge lightweight tiles, asking simply what else can you do with them that you couldn't do with tiles a fraction of the size?

DYS answers that question. Most tiles made now are digitally printed. DYS ( Design Your Slab) offers the ability to print bespoke designs in transparent or opaque finishes to create so much more than ever possible before.

A combination of the two designs, a lettering over the book matched marble to create a new & unique design.
From a simple yet creative interior using a fun design to a major urban project using a multi storey mural, there are simply no boundaries with DYS.

Great Metals

The gold medal position surely has to go this stunning collection of metallic tiles.

Great Metals represent a new generation of large formats, the result of constant research and the most advanced manufacturing technology. It consists of porcelain stoneware slabs with much larger dimensions than standard. Ranging from 300 x 150cm to 75 x 37.5 and 6 mm thick. From architecture to interior design, the slabs can be applied on both floors and walls: as a furnishing element; for designing sets; covering modern worktops; and can even be used as an actual decoration. We think in this case the images speak for themselves.

For more information on the ranges showcased in this article or about the professional services offered by International Tiles & Bathrooms, please feel free to contact me andy@ tiles.uk.com. I will be happy to provide prices and sampling on the range of products we offer.

For DYS, all designs are produced to order and are priced on a job by job basis. For large scale artwork the size and quality of the artwork will determine sutability for production.