H20: The new outdoor living concept

H20 is an innovative self-supporting outdoor flooring system. Suited for countless applications, from homes to public areas, it offers the highest degree of functionality, along with Italian style and design.

Easy and versatile to install, even by non specialized personnel, it can be laid dry on gravel or grass, cemented onto sub-floors, and installed as a raised surface on rigid supports made of recycled and recyclable plastic material.


The raw power of rock shines through in all its vigour, in this new porcelain stoneware collection inspired by natural slate and characterised by a welcoming and exclusive feel.

Born from a mix of tradition, innovation and technical know-how, the new collection is available in a number of versatile formats for a variety of possible uses.


This new series comes from the skillful and masterly creativity of the technicians.

Working with the rich and complex universe of natural stone and marble, they have managed to create a product which is unique and highly innovative in its beauty and distinctiveness.


All the style of oak wood meets the versatility of porcelain stoneware in the new Greenwood collection.

The new line features the nuanced effects characteristic of aged wood, in both classic colours and more modern shades designed to create space and a warm sensation, as well as the extraordinary practical, lasting performance of ceramics.

Hard and Soft

Mountain chalets deep in the silence of nature; the hushed atmosphere of stunning alpine scenery, the scent of aged wood: these were the inspirations that led to this collection and its strong tactile and material appeal.

Hard&Soft porcelain stoneware tiles are like wooden boards that depict the passing of time.


A tile able to bring a unique touch of character to any setting. The decoration and design element is a perfect partner for elegant, inviting living spaces.


Emilia, takes its name from the ancient Via Emilia founded more than 2000 years ago by the Roman consul Marco Emilio Lepido, and is the result of the union between thick porcelain stoneware with a classic shape and variety of colours.


Inspired by the ancient consular road from which it takes its name, the Aurelia series is born. An ideal 60x60cm porcelain stoneware slab with a thickness of 2cm.



  • Completely frost-resistant: compact porcelain stone renders the material totally waterproof
  • Resistant to temperature swings (from - 50° to +60° c)
  • Resistant to breaking loads (en1339) u14
  • Impervious to mold, moss and treatments applied on outdoor areas
  • Resistant to weather
  • Resistant to stains, acids and chemicals
  • Resistant to scuffing
  • Resistant to imprinting (by a stationary weight)
  • Resistant to salt and brine
  • Resistant to fire
  • • Reacts very well to static electricity
  • Colors will not change over time
  • Dimensions will not change over time
  • Easy to install (the rectified outline enables tiles to be aligned perfectly)
  • Removable for inspection (17 kg/tile)
  • Versatile, thanks to the variety of installation systems
  • No treatments required
  • Easy to clean, even with high-pressure systems such as pressure washers
  • Non-slip (r11 a+b certified surface)
  • Interior/exterior coordination with products in standard thicknesses from the class and monolith collections
  • Elegant appearance
  • Environmentally friendly
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