Introducing the Couture Collection

Couture Sauvage

An evolutionary story

When you think of all the magnificent tile installations throughout history it brings to mind statements of wealth and opulent decoration.

Tiles depicted a celebration of historical events and heroes of time gone by and those who patronised the artisan tilers of the day did so because it showed wealth and status.

Fast forward to the industrial age and we see a big change in production methods because of the huge popularity in tiles and the need to mass produce. The great ceramic still produced elegant mouldings and decorations for great public buildings, churches and the grand houses of the time, but the tide was turning and utilitarian styles like quarry tiles had taken over.

Truly Unique

Today's designs are technically far more advanced in comparison but many still have a common theme of replicating natural products that would otherwise cost more, require more resources and need huge amounts of aftercare. The designs are truly as good as can be made and we are proud to show many of the finest examples from the industry’s greatest factories.

Then came Couture, and the product once again stood for something better than just a covering to keep a wall dry in the bathroom, and another step in the evolution of tiles as a design feature was taken.

Couture Reale
Couture Sauvage 2 crop

The Allure of Couture

As the name suggests, this material is not like mass produced product, it is a thoughtful and artistic design process that has created a range of tiles like no other.

The 27 tiles are divided into six collections each with its own character. Designed to create incredible walls and in certain settings floors, which fit together like wallpaper to create features of unbelievably high quality.

Couture Sauvage 3

So many styles

Couture comprises of 4 stunning 3D finishes that define the word outstanding in floral and geometric styles, 4 amazing Art & Craft patterns, featuring more traditional and softer tones, 4 super chic and totally on trend Black & White art tile, the Original collection of 7 tiles includes the stunning Mandala design, and there a 4 each of the Paradise and Sauvage, depicting delightfully colouful flora and fauna from far away shores.

We can advise you on a huge range of plain tiles to compliment any of the designs from the collection. To find out more, speak to one our tile experts.

The strength of the Couture Collection is that an endless canvas can be created," giving each consumer an original work of wall art. Thanks to the continuity of the design, each tile can be added to the next to create a seamless and colorful pattern.

Jose Ignacio Sanchez - Ceracasa's Sales Manager

Full project advice & support

At International Tiles & Bathrooms, our priority is our customer. We offer professional advice on all our tiles and ensure your project meets your expectations. Our Head office team are available if you would like to find out more. You can call them on 01803 52734 or by clicking on the button and completing the form.