Make it simple with samples

We know that it can be hard to decide the perfect tiles for you when looking at a 2D image on a website. And with the need to stay safe, popping to one of our local stores isn’t possible at the moment.

We provide a service where we’ll post samples of our tiles so you can check the colour, pattern, quality and feel in the safety of your own home.

We don't believe you can really choose a design based on a small free off cut sample, and thats why our customers buy a full size tile. The samples come from our current stock and therefore represent the product you would receive and helps you get a real vision of what your beautiful tiles will look like in your home.

To order a sample is easy, choose your tile, click on the ‘buy a sample’ button and go to checkout.

Looking for an old tile or a better price?

If you see a tile elsewhere that you really like or have an old design you need to find, use our ‘Find a tile’ service where we will try and source the tile for you and usually at a more competitive price.

Don’t forget we are your tile experts

We are here to help you find exactly what you want. Our reputation as the local tile experts extends to our online shop too. We enjoy getting involved in your projects and offering our advice.