Use tiles to create a cosy home fit for the coldest of winters


Here are some inspiring ways to bring warmth and comfort to your home, while staying on trend - because we all need safe and cosy right now.

When creating a cosy space for your home, using wood effect tiles or beautiful patterned tiles can make any space feel lovely and snug. And our tiles are complementing this year’s cosy trend, with classic blues, natural tones and lots of texture.

Visit your local tile showroom for ideas and inspiration with room settings and samples.



Based around rural life, type in #cottagecore and your page will be filled with soft pastel colours, earthy tones and quaint designs. And if you choose just one room to introduce a sense of cottagecore, then a kitchen is probably the most obvious place to start.



The Batik, a moroccan design, refreshes a traditional enamel glaze design with new processes for use in Bathrooms, Kitchens and Feature walls.

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Inspired by the birthplace of the blues, Tennessee lends its name to a collection with harmony and rhythm, an artisan product that answers its decorative calling. Its shabby chic appearance and faded tone, are a reminder of the imperfect beauty of the handmade finish, which makes this range truly unique and exclusive.

The series comes as a small-format brick style gloss tile, with high variation. There are 40 individual faces, recreating the hand made finish, playing around with the tones of white, black, grey, blue, green and brown.

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If you’re looking for something simple, then add our Altea brick-style, gloss tiles to give your kitchen that instant cosy cottage vibe and a feeling of rural relaxation and seclusion.

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And I will always love Blue

The 2020 colour is Classic Blue. It is clean and elegant but also really uplifting and warm, working perfectly in a sitting room. Our new Arnold Blue wall tile is coming soon and, if you’re not ready to take the blue plunge wholeheartedly, then using tiles on one wall refreshes your room gently.

It also looks great as the back-drop to your video calls.


Make a Splash

If you’d rather your bathroom made the statement, then our beautiful Atlantis tile in teal gives your home a bold, blue splash. These mosaic sheets are easy to fix.



Move over griege. Get back neutral. While the big colour this year might be blue, 2020’s big interior design trend is mixing it up. Big bold walls are mixing with simple furnishings while white walls are teaming up with beautiful patterned floor tiles. Like our Retro Mix which is a range of eight random designs which mix geometrics.

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And our Fiorella Series will instantly bring a smile to your face and is perfect for modern living spaces. Pair with white walls and you’re right on trend.

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Don’t shy away and play with pattern.


Patterns aren't just for floors

The Ocean Mix is a tasteful hand made style small format that's very on trend right now.


Venture into texture

Texture brings cosy into any space and can add depth and dimension to your room without being overwhelming. We have a variety of textured tiles available.

The Slate range is definitely textured but not gritty - the surface has an anti-slip R10 rating for its ramp test but achieves a high rated +36 on the UK pendulum test, which makes it commercially ant-slip.

The series can be used inside or outside and creates a modern look from the most traditional of flooring used in the UK. A great product with variation in pattern to complete the Natural look and all from only £33.99 per m2.

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While our Denim Trame tiles will add an area of interest to any room.

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Our new Citadel range is also a superb feel for Winter and will be coming soon!

Warmth and cosiness

When it comes to achieving a warm and cosy interior, wood effect tiles are really effective. The burgeoning popularity of wood effect tiles is a testament to their warmth and cosiness.

And tiles have none of the drawbacks of natural wood materials and are friendlier to the planet.